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Lease management, including lease administration and accounting, capital project planning and management, maintenance and operations energy management, occupancy and space management, employee and occupant experience, emergency management and business continuity, real estate management are all included in our facilities management services for real estate. The equipment and services that support the functioning, security, and sustainability of structures and real estate are what we refer to as our facilities management.

People need to be in facilities that are secure, friendly, and effective in order for them to perform their best job and feel involved in their surroundings. Everything that surrounds people in buildings and on the grounds is influenced by facilities management. It should be pleasant, useful, and sustainable where they live, work, and play. Your company’s bottom line will be benefitted from our superior facilities management, which will affect the short- and long-term value of your property, buildings, and equipment.

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The Present Demands Of Facilities Management Services Worldwide

On the one hand, facilities management (FM) deals with a huge amount of asset information, including acquiring, updating, and analysing of such information. It is crucial to understand the role of facilities management as well as asset information, particularly in the design phase of the project lifecycle, to facilitate a continuous FM.

Asset Tracking

There is a better method now. Top-down asset management is effective and simple when using an EAM platform or facilities management services. Costs for supplies, upkeep, repairs, and other expenses are classified to a particular cost center. We frequently assess the state of the property.

Space Optimization

The biggest overhead expense you have is the actual office space. The difference between your facilities being a cost center and a competitive advantage is maximizing value. You may  complete the space optimization component with our facilities management services.

Customer Services

To handle contacts from and concerns involving customers and tenants, we have rules and processes in place. We track customer satisfaction metrics, create corrective action plans, and put them into practice. For emergencies and requests, we provide round-the-clock telephone and online service.

Maintenance Service

Our company uses a computerized system to track assets, schedule preventive maintenance, track corrective maintenance, generate work orders, and give management, compliance, and performance reporting. We provide experts to do the maintenance management right.

Quality Assurance

Any competent company must have the ability to assess quality and modify its procedures as necessary to maintain the desired level of quality. This is the same for facilities management. We do have a quality control program in place that consists of processes, audits, quality control, ongoing evaluations and action plans.

Learning Solutions

Facilities management used to be a reactive, behind-the-scenes activity, but expectations have changed as the field has developed. Facilities expenditures are frequently the second or third largest expense line for a firm, with human resources normally being the largest expense line. We are proactive in  developing options.

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We keep updating our tasks and always give value to your demands for the facilities management services. Everything from budget planning to asset costs and life cycles to utility cost productivity analyses and real estate forecasts benefits from an understanding of change over time. Accurately anticipating efficient facilities management relies on well-managed data.


Customer Service Approaches

High performing FM departments think about customer service not as something that just needs to be done, but is something that is important to your organization success. It’s not just about the smiles or quick service, it’s about delivering what your customers all levels, from staff sitting at their desk to department managers and to the CEO need for them to be successful.


Facilities Management Technology

Systems and software both fall under the category of technology in facilities management. The built environment generates enormous volumes of data via Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, wi-fi, meters, gauges, and smart gadgets. You may get real-time insight, execute predictive facility maintenance, and build more productive, cost-effective settings by analyzing from data.

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Each of these advantages leads to a well-run, effective, and productive workplace. Business leaders are more informed about the workplace, which is the most crucial component of the organization, thanks to proactive facilities management. The capacity to make wiser judgments on how to enhance it also results from this awareness.

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Here we are giving you some frequently asked questions’ answer. 

By combining tenants from different businesses, such as retail, restaurants, and supermarkets, telecom, banking, insurance, clinics, and dentists, we were able to get the desirable client mix that a mall requires. We were exposed to the world of facilities management by developing a solid client mix and our goals to guarantee our occupiers’ contentment and productivity. Facilities Management collaborated with the Listening Bureau at that point. Over the years, we have offered services to a range of local corporations. We have consistently adhered to providing our clients with services of the highest caliber in accordance with international standards and best practices. Due of this, both local and foreign clientele find the amenities to be appealing.

Every facility we administer has many characteristics that are regularly checked for quality on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, for example. By offering skilled real estate brokerage services and facility management services to our customers, we continuously meet their demands and go above and beyond their expectations. We have a strong commitment to provide top-notch property management services that adhere to accepted international norms and best practices.

In the event of an emergency, the client or occupant must first fill up and submit an occurrence report form to our FM office on-site with the classification “emergency.” Our officers will instantly trigger a reaction and elevate the report to all pertinent staff members.

For locations where we rent out event rooms, we also have onsite offices and event organizers. Our facilities management team is available round-the-clock to handle any problems that may occur during events. On our website, you may fill out an online form to schedule an event.

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