November 26, 2022

Crowdfunded Property Investment Management Agreement

Template for Crowdfunded property investment, Management Agreement

One approach for regular investors to have access to assets usually held by the wealthy is through crowdfunding. If you want to make any template for crowdfunded property investment agreement then you can look for the following sample:

Manager: XXXX

Owner’s name: AAAAA

Date of agreement: DD/MM/YYYY

Company name:

This Agreement is drafted and signed by _____________________________, of _____________________________, as the “Owner,” and _____________________________ (“Manager”). The earlier of the two dates indicated below is the Delivery Time, which is the day on which the agreement goes into effect.

Obligations of the manager:

Manager is hereby appointed by shareholder as his trustee, with complete power to take any and all legal actions required for the performance of this agreement, along with the ones that follow:

1. Hire and manage all necessary personnel and/or other labor for the completion of service, as well as service or cause to be serviced, all decorating, maintenance, alterations, and repairs to the mentioned property.

2. Collect all rents that are due and when they become due, providing receipts; supply the owner with a monthly accounting of rents received and charges paid; and remit to the owner all income, less any payments paid out or commission retained.

3. Additional general responsibilities include the following: 

  •  Marketing the property and posting signs; 
  •  Renting and leasing the property; 
  • Signing, renewing, and canceling rental agreements and leases for the property;
  • Suing and recovering for rent and for loss of or damage to any part of the property and/or furnishings; and
  • When practical, compromising, settling, and releasing any such legal proceedings or legal proceedings.

Owner therefore agrees to indemnify the manager from and against any and all claims, complaints, obligations, actions, or actions related to the management of the mentioned property, including reasonable attorney’s costs.

All responsibility for harm that any employee, renter, or visitor to the property may experience while on or around the property.

Owner agreement as follows:



Terms and condition of the agreement:

This Agreement’s term will start on the Effective Date.

This Agreement will automatically renew and extend each year unless either party terminates it in writing within 30 days of the renewal date.

This Agreement may also be canceled at any time by mutual consent. All fees, commissions, and expenditures owing under the provisions of this agreement must be paid to the Manager at that point.

Size of the agreement:

The complete agreement between the parties is set forth in this document.


Manager’s signature:


Owner’s signature: