November 28, 2022

How Can Crowdfunded Property Investment Help to Expand Businesses?

crowd funded property investment

For a start-up business or individual, crowdfunding’s ability to give them access to a bigger and more varied set of investors and supporters is undoubtedly crowdfunded property investment’s most advantageous feature.

Small businesses and startups can raise capital through crowdfunded property investment in exchange for shares, benefits, or debt.

However, we want to share one of the successful outcomes that we provided to one of our clients last month. Importantly, the customer was so satisfied with our services.

crowd funded property investment services

A Case Study on Crowdfunded Investment in Real Life

Customer Profile:

Case study: Md. Habib Rahman

Business type: Law firm

Location: Basundhara RA

Service: Crowdfunding

Customer Overview:

Md. Habib Rahman is an entrepreneur and has started his own law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since he was facing some economic crisis and was not able to expand his business. He wanted to hire more employees and wanted to launch a new project.

Although he wanted to execute his project. Due to a lack of finance, he was not able to execute it. He knows without good capital he cannot come out of his problem.

Moreover, his preference was wanting a flexible life and not wanting to take any risks. So, he believes crowdfunding investment can help him to execute his plan.

Our Methodology:

In the meantime, he heard about crowdfunded property investment in real estate. So, he did some research and started to look for a trustworthy crowdfunding provider. He heard our company’s name from one of our clients and contacted us.

Our business crowdfunding can provide you quick access to funds, but it necessitates a solid marketing plan, openness, and perhaps giving up some ownership in the company. Our platforms deliver a safe and simple service.

On the other hand, the rules and regulations are clear to all of our clients. We are also so conscious about tax and other legal papers.

Value Delivered:

In recent times, Mr. Habib visits different countries and does have to worry about his investment. On top, he expanded his law firm and hired employees for his upcoming projects. His business is going very well.

Our client preferred equity investment. Since it is for property owners who aren’t currently successful or who don’t have the reputation to attract potential investors, this is a useful finance option.

In exchange for their initial contribution, which typically provides quarterly returns, this kind of crowdsourcing gives investors stock ownership. Investors can increase their profits as shareholders depending on how well the property performs through rental income.

The benefits he got from us:

  • Tax benefits for devaluation for investors and property owners.
  • Returns without restrictions for high earning potential.
  • Typically, there are no monthly asset management fees.
  • Importantly, there is no risk.

Crowdfunding for REIT is becoming increasingly popular among investors, and for good reason. When used properly, it can be advantageous to both individuals seeking funds for ventures and those seeking finance themselves.

Final Thought

Given that this is a more recent trend, do your research on real estate crowdfunding platforms and exercise caution when making investments.

Crowdfunding might be the secret to a novel approach to investing success if you wish to pursue a non-traditional real estate investment strategy.

We always believe in our client’s success. To get our service contact us!