December 3, 2022

Property Investment Template

Property Investment Template

If inflation or other economic indicators cause the purchase power of the currency to decline, investing in real estate is a good way to protect against capital loss. If you want any property investment related template then you have a look of this:

Properties Under Contract: #____                                         

Properties In Progress: #_____ 

Properties Fully Sold: #______ 

Total Projects: #_____________ 


Your Name _____________

Company Name __________

Include The Average Size Of The Properties You Buy: _______ sq. ft. 

It is also important to include the average number of bed #______ and 

the average number of baths #______ 

Include The Average Purchase Price $____ 

(It is also useful to include the average price per square foot) 

Include Your Average Rehab Costs $____ 

(Include the average rehab cost per square foot)

Include The Average Fixed Costs $____

Include The Average Investment $____ 

Include The Average Sale Price $____ 

(And the average sale price per square foot) 

Include Your Average Profits $____

Include Project Schedule: 

Construction process: ____ days/months 

Period of time listed: ____ days/months 

Total holding period: ____ days/months 

Include Investment Results: 

Purchase Price: $____ 

Rehab Costs: $____ 

Fixed Costs: $____ 

Total Investment Costs: $____ 

Sold For: $______ 

Profit: $________ 

ROI: $_________