Want to sell new, old, commercial space and under-construction properties. Choose REIT to assist you better. Here are a few things to consider when buying a property in Bangladesh.

1. Privacy and Security

When choosing a property for buying, ensure it has proper security arrangements and is located in a low congested area.

2. Location, Location

When a buyer comes to buying a  property in Dhaka, choosing a good location is essential. Roam around the area to learn about transport facilities such as taxi and bus services. If possible, talk to the people living in the area. The distance between dream property and workplace is also an essential factor to consider.

3. The Price

Price is another significant factor to consider. When do we want to get good value for money? Should talk to other local property owners to get a clear idea about the current flats, plot, or land in the area.

4. Local Facilities And Fire Safety

We should purchase a property in an area with modern amenities such as schools, hospitals, gyms, parks, bus stops, and shops.

Fire safety is an essential issue for a higher-floor flat. When it comes to fire safety, local authorities often grant occupancy certificates.

5. Facilities of Staircases and Lifts

On the other hand, purchasing a house, building, flat, etc., should also be checked at least functional and well-maintained lifts. When there is an emergency, staircases also provide convenience. In short, also to make sure there are enough staircases and lifts in the building or asset.

6.Choose Noiseless  Area

Sound pollution or noise pollution is by far one of the most annoying problems facing modern cities. Make sure you are buying a property in an area with a bearable level of noise.

7. Maintenance Charges

Maintenance charges are something that many apartment buyers ignore. But maintenance charges should not be taken lightly because they cover property tax, municipal tax, charges for generator and lift maintenance, and shared space charges. They also include expenses for security guards and property cleaners.

8.The Orientation of the Property

Please do not overlook this factor because it determines how comfortable you will feel living in the flat. For healthy living, make sure the apartment has enough light and ventilation.

9. The Total Carpet Area

You should know the total area of the flat, including shafts, stairs, elevator space, and others. But it would help if you also asked how much the entire carpet area of the flat is. The flats carpet area is the area you can use.  Make sure the price is consistent with the total carpet area.

10. To Check Land Record

It is essential to get the record of the land on which the apartment is constructed. Learn as much as possible about the topography and soil quality of the area. Make sure the plot is registered and clear of all duties. Get the title deed verified and checked. By doing this, you can avoid a lot of legal hassles later.

11. Reason Behind the Sale

If you are buying an old property, make sure you are not investing blindly. Why is the current owner selling the flat? Do not rush to verify the process.

12. Find an expert real estate agent

Before invest, you also should learn about the real estate situation in Bangladesh. Get in touch with multiple agents and compare the pricing. If you choose a reliable company with a good reputation, the process will be less stressful, and it will generally get good value for money.

 key Takeaways

The first time you are going buy a property, do not rush. Take time and learn and research about the property buying process. Purchasing a property is by far the most significant purchase the average person makes in their lifetime, so enjoy the experience time.

Published On: August 9th, 2021 / Categories: property /

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