December 26, 2022

Job Description of Real Estate Investment Services Property Manager

Job Description of Real Estate Investment Services Property Manager

Job Summary: 

To manage and maintain our different properties, we are looking for a professional, conscientious property manager. The duties of this employment include caring for and making sure that the property’s buildings and grounds are kept in good condition. You will often engage with tenants, employees, contractors, and service personnel, so you must possess excellent customer service skills.

Duties and responsibilities of Property Management:

  • Monitor and look for any properties under our authority.
  • Ensure that all required upkeep is efficiently handled.
  • Employing and contracting workers to fix or replace damaged equipment or infrastructure.
  • Invest in beautifying initiatives to raise the property’s appeal and value.
  • To improve the appearance and value of the property, take on renovation tasks.
  • Checking in with visitors to the property will ensure good customer relations.
  • Keep track of and uphold contracts and leases.
  • Help establish property rules and regulations and see that they are adhered to.
  • Organize and control the workforce.
  • Create marketing strategies based on an analysis of the property’s performance to boost occupancy.
  • Observe all civil rights, real estate, and anti-discrimination legislation.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Business administration or a closely related subject bachelor’s degree recommended.
  • Prior real estate investment job experience is a huge asset, as is supervisory or managerial experience.
  • Expertise with the Microsoft Suite (Excel, Outlook, Access, etc.)
  • Understanding of budgetary data.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong familiarity with regional real estate investment and property laws.