Using our network, enjoy your hassle-Free property renting. Our team brings together experience and expertise from all parts of Bangladesh and in-depth knowledge of local properties needs. Any property rental advertisements such as a house, room, hostel, office, studio apartment, land, service apartment, etc. can be given to We are not Real Estate agents. Instead, it provides a service or platform for homeowners, renters, and tenants to view, thereby facilitating buying, renting, or letting a property.

Find your desired property For Renting:

  • Search Criteria

Once you are on our landing page you will see a search bar with all the filters, by filtering exact requirements and quickly finding a vast range of property options that you want.

  • Below Points Must Be Checked

Starting from your desired property to the size, every listing up for rent comes with detailed information such as location, expected rent, amenities accessible at the site, emergency and security facility availability, and extended facilities.

  • Choose Your Dream Property

After finding a property that matches your tastes, you can take a virtual tour of the property for more details.

  • Call REIT

Call our dedicated customer representative REIT team at +88-01999997605 to request to take you on a guideline to viewing the property.

  • Mediation Agreement

At this point, you will be handed down the mediation agreement with the landlord, which will have every detail- service charge, down-payments, proposed tenure, and all of renting trend process information.

  • Lock Property Deel

When you can take a few short steps, then you can find your desired property without any hassle. Once everything has been finalized then Lock your property deal. REIT always provides you the best possible service while keeping the aspects of transparency and credibility intact.

Final words

It is pretty challenging to choose a proper living place for a newcomer. Many people change their living area due to education, business, job, and other purposes. In this situation, we have better consult you as a rental agent like because we know the city quite well than you. 

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