At present, studio apartments are gaining more popularity. This is because people favor an independent lifestyle; more studio apartments are the perfect solution for them.  As a result, Studio apartments have become popular all over the world. A small apartment that combines the bedchamber, lovely living room, and kitchen into one room.

The Market Of Studio Apartment :

The development of the market of studio apartments can be regarded as a new social phenomenon. Many social groups can afford to buy a studio apartment. The demand for studio apartments in  Bangladesh is a fascinating social phenomenon that has been explored yet. Therefore,  the development of the studio apartment market poses many challenges for REIT LTD development in the future. Today, renting apartments is expensive, so studio apartments are the best option for affordable housing.  Many people buy studio apartments as temporary housing. This segment of real estate has high profitability for investors. The cost of studio apartments depends on the investment rating of large cities in Dhaka.

Cost-benefit Analysis Of Studio Apartments:

The studio apartment is the most profitable object for investment.  This is the best segment of real estate with minimal investment and maximum income on the invested capital.  Today it is very beneficial to invest in a studio apartment and rent it out. The capitalization rate (the rate of return of capital)  will be  15%.  However,  the payback period for such facilities will be from 6 years to 8 years.

The  Prospects Of The Studio Apartment Market :

To sell studio apartments when the real estate market is in low activity, owners use marketing levers to stimulate demand, provide payment by installments; make a discount for repairs; carry out various kinds of actions (for example, furniture as a gift). Therefore, the market for studio apartments is the most promising for investments in the structure of city development.

In Summary:

The development of the studio apartment market can be regarded as a new social phenomenon in the large cities of Bangladesh. Therefore the decision on a new segment of the real estate market in development projects is highly relevant. The demand for studio apartments has emerged and is developing because of the unstable economic situation, the devaluation of the hryvnia, and the decrease in the incomes of the population. Customers buy more studio apartments for other rentals. Today, it is very beneficial to invest in a studio apartment and renting out.

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