When you want an estimate of renting costs through us, we will guide you to standard prices (including VAT) payable to us as your property’s agent. Then that time, you need to sign an agreement paper.

Tenancy Agreement

According to the tenancy act in Bangladesh, it is compulsory to have a written rental agreement between the tenant and the landlord. It details all the conditions of rent and responsibility for both parties and can also be upheld in court. So as a tenant, make sure you get a rental agreement paper from the landlord.

Rental Regulation

The property owner is compulsory by the law to provide a rent receipt to the tenant every month. It is proof that you’ve regularly paid rent and should be stored by both parties.

Advance Payment For Rent 

Your rental agreement will state how often and when payments must be made.  However, due to the rental agreement, the tenant needs to pay rent on time every month.

Increasing Rent On Tenants 

Unfortunately, property owners often increase rent without any prior notice. So now is the right time to make more modifications to tenant rights. So that is why we must become more aware of the existing tenancy act in Bangladesh. Otherwise, there will always be problems with renting a property or renting out.

Tenancy To An End

If your situation has changed and you’d like your property owner to consider leaving earlier, you must contact your landlord or us to discuss.

Final Thoughts

In this  COVID-19 circumstance, deciding to rent a property can widely vary from person to person. But REIT is ready here to assist with any renting issue. We’ll impartially look through the positives and the negatives of both options and present all parties with the essential facts to help all make the right decision.

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