Abstract: Covid-19 pandemic on property investment vigorous in Asia- pacific region. Asia- pacific region suffer muscular people health crisis. Dead cases uprising day by day. Whole nation globally shut down. That stop the economic growth. People are not allow to go outside Due to change of people economic growth that’s effect the real estate market.

Covid-19 impact on market climate of property investment:

Covid-19 is most fear word all round the world. Its change the world completely .health crises increase globally. Covid-19 versa impact on marketing climate of property investment. Due to money crises people are stop investment on property .Real estate company face Great loses due to insufficient investment of property.

Why people stop invest on property project?

Covid -19 create fluctuation situation all over the world. So many people lose their job cause of covid -19. Its impact on marketing climate. Economic growth change. Because of economic growth change people don’t have the huge term of money buy or invest on property project. People want to save money for face crises momentum. Real estate withdraw their interest invest on property project. Almost many real estate company are collapse .Rest of the company stop or quitting the business.

Research and Written By: Sifat Bin Zamal

Business Analyst



Published On: December 14th, 2021 / Categories: property /

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