We really have to talk about strategies because now you know the appropriate opportunity to discuss your monthly about what to ask for. For some people, negotiating is a difficult task. And you must be prepared if you want to get an advantage and save money on your rent. 


Negotiation is a conversation amongst two or more persons or parties with the goal of reaching a mutually advantageous agreement on one or more topics where there is a disagreement on at least one of them. Negotiation is fundamental to advancing in the job, settling disagreements, and maximising contract value. 

Conduct your research:

Check out the prices of flats in the local community before you have to do anything. Look for similar-sized and-quality apartments. Also, compare the pricing to those in your area. If the property market values your neighbourhood higher than what you’re willing to pay, you won’t be able to readily accept a lower rent. It’s also a good idea to think about how much you’re willing to pay. 

Get your Strength in Negotiations Ready:

Even if you’re lucky, it’s unlikely that your rental will simply lower the price out of it’s goodness of their heart. When something comes to communicating your rent, you have some negotiation leverage as a renter. There are Three Things you Might offer their Employer to Persuade them to Reduce Your Rent: 

Homeowner Should be Contacted:

Inform your owner or property management once you’re ready. Don’t come at them with requests for rapid rent reductions. Instead, send the email or text asking to speak with them about your agreement. This is quite important. The way you approach and communicate with your owner can greatly impact your case. So you want to get your discussions off to a good start. 

Be Straightforward, Honest, and Gentle:

Clear communication is critical to your success. When speaking with your landlord, maintain a polite, calm, and professional approach. This will allow you to effectively bargain your rent while also strengthening your relationship with your landlord. 

Describe How their Owner will Profit:

You can’t honestly expect your owner to give up his or her income without a fight. Make sure you explain why you believe paying them less is beneficial to them. Now is the moment to use your negotiating skills. Wait overnight, pay ahead of time, or offer to fix some in compensation for their kindness.

Publish It on Paper:

This is likely the most crucial step in the negotiation process. Make absolutely sure you have just a written agreement with your owner once you’ve encouraged them to cut your rent. Make absolutely sure you equally sign it legitimately, whether in a rental agreement, an updated contract, or other papers. If your landlord later changes their mind, you’ll need to get their permission in advance.

Defend Your Statement:

Specify why you want your rent reduced first. It’s possible that the housing market has adjusted. Alternatively, you may have discovered problems in your flat that reduce its worth. Your employer may be more willing to assist you if you really can back up any of your claims with documentation.

Make use of a Rental-Negotiation Website:

It’s not easy to negotiate your rent. To make that happen, you’ll need to do some information, negotiate, and bargain. While the prize is enormous if you succeed, there’s a chance your landlord will refuse to budge no matter how hard you try. 

Key Statement:

Owners frequently factor risk into company rental costs so that they should afford it if a tenant defaults or cancels their lease. If your rental application is very strong, you may have some negotiating power, landlords want tenants who are dependable and fiscally responsible.


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Research and Written By: Mahina Monir Ananya

Business Analyst


Published On: April 18th, 2022 / Categories: property, Rant /

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