January 1, 2023

Do Outsourcing Property Management Services Increase Employee Engagement?

5 Responsibilities Of Property Management

An excellent strategy to produce cash flow and frequently some respectable long-term profits is to invest in rental property. Real estate investing is a well-liked method of raising money and increasing profits. Real estate agents and property management organizations are opting to outsource property maintenance services due to the benefits it offers.

Therefore, the question may arise, “Does outsourcing property management service really increase employee engagement?”

The lower labor expenses connected with property management for better and less risky investment. While hiring a property management company may be expensive, it can also result in cost savings. Let’s discuss it below!

How Does Outsourcing Property Service Increase Employee Engagement?

Outsourced property management includes delegating some property management duties to an individual outside of your organization, frequently abroad. Offices, shops, and apartments are all included in the definition of outsourcing in real estate management.

Property managers can concentrate on operations that generate money, like expanding their rent rolls and gaining market share in the fiercely competitive real estate business, by outsourcing high-volume, administrative-related property management chores.

Finding diligent, qualified, and long-term committed property management workers can be difficult in the real estate sector. The administrative strain on local property management teams is driving many agencies to outsource property management services.

The market for property management software was estimated to be worth USD 3.04 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2022 to 2030.

What Are the Fees for a Property Management Provider?

Property inspections are a common property management duty that is outsourced. Today, a lot of real estate organizations outsource inspections, including move-in, move-out, and in-residence inspections.

Outsourced property inspections typically cost $50 each inspection. A property management company would consequently spend $60,000 annually to outsource property inspections. It should be noted that this sum exceeds the typical expense of a property manager’s compensation.

A typical property manager’s weekly workload includes about 50% of property inspections. Accordingly, it would cost a property management company about $27,500 annually to provide a crucial service to landlords for a property manager making an average yearly income of $55,000.

As a result, hiring a property manager to conduct inspections is less expensive overall than outsourcing property inspections, which would cost about 55% more.

A Step By Step Process to Outsource Management Service

If you collaborate with the appropriate company, outsourcing is simple. These are the essential steps:

1. Decision make:

Decide which services you want to outsource. As long as you have the correct outsourcing partner, you may outsource all back-office functions. These tasks can be carried out virtually by assistance.

2. Select:

Look for an outsourced partner with expertise in the property management industry. If cutting costs is one of your priorities.

3. Start planning:

Choose the person who will be in charge of supervising the assistant every day, and think about buying task-management software to make sure they are aware of your daily priorities. The appropriate software might be recommended by a reliable outsourcing partner.

4. Employing:

To find possible virtual assistants, let your outsourcing partner use their network. After scheduling a series of online interviews, pick the assistant who will work best for your company.

5. Co – operate:

Make sure the partnership runs smoothly and is free of cultural misunderstandings by working with the outsourcing partner.

5 Advantages of Outsourcing Property Management Services

The advantages of outsourcing property management are detailed below:

1. Lower the risk:

By allowing several experts to handle their areas of expertise, outsourcing specific departments or the entire property management helps spread the risk.

You decrease the likelihood of failure by leaving the management of the marketing area in the hands of a marketing agency or the management of the communication division by a customer relations agency.

2. Receive Professional Service:

Your employees might be skilled at property management, but they might not be industry specialists. And an expert will always be needed to handle some intricate features of your home.

So you can be confident that all the details of your property are being taken care of when you hire a reputable firm that specializes in property management.

3. Lower costs:

If you hire personnel on a permanent basis, you won’t have to pay for recruitment. You just need to find the right company; the management company already has its personnel.

Unlike in a permanent job when you are compelled to provide severance pay, no legislation will compel you to do so.

4. Enjoy serenity of mind:

The load is lifted off your back by outsourcing your property to a capable group. The fact that the job is being done by persons who are professionals in their industries will provide you peace of mind in the end.

5. An asset with Greater Marketability:

Despite recent difficulties in the real estate market, you can overcome them with the right assistance and counsel by working with a property management expert.

As a result, your property portfolio will be more flexible, allowing you to continue to benefit from your investment for many years.

Do you know? The worldwide property management market, which reached $1.21 billion in 2018, is impacted by increased real estate scalability.

Outsourcing Property Management Services Market Size (2018-2022)

 Property outsourcing market share of 2018-2022 in billion:

Outsourcing Property Management Services Market Size

From the above data we can see in 2018 the market share was $95.5 B and in 2022 the market share has increased to $104.15 B.

Tips to Consider Before Outsourcing Property Management Services

  • Avoid hesitation to outsource work:

You may gain valuable time back by outsourcing a task to a person like a virtual assistant. A member of your team who is not on-site can contact leads, arrange showings, and even sort through listings to present to clients.

  • Adopting a new technology:

There are numerous marketing tools that are very beneficial for real estate brokers because technology is always evolving.

  • Maintenance should be checked:

One of the most crucial facets of rental property ownership is maintenance. It can assist in maintaining the condition of your property and ensuring the satisfaction of your tenants.

A competent property manager will be able to schedule maintenance and repairs in a timely manner, assisting in preventing minor issues from growing and getting worse.


1. What does contracting out property management mean?

Certain property management activities might be delegated to a third party outside of your business through outsourcing.

2. Why to outsource property management?

Project management without delay is possible through outsourcing. You can manage more of the business-related tasks on which you want to focus. If you have problems with specific areas of your property management company, outsourcing is also a great option.

3. What two types of property management are there?

Residential, commercial, industrial, and special purpose property management are the four categories.

To Conclude

One of the best things about getting a property manager is that you can focus on other, more important things like your investment strategy or looking into other properties, which would be challenging if you were spending all of your free time commuting back and forth to your rental.

Just be sure to keep your investing strategy in mind when you make your choice and that it will enable you to achieve your long-term objectives. So that you can reclaim more of your day, outsource. Then, start devoting that time to the matters that really matter. Contact us!