December 28, 2022

Do Property Management Services Increase Your Income Rate?

Property Management Services

Property management is a third party contractor who manages the daily administration of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Typically, they work for those who hold commercial real estate investments including retail malls, office buildings, business estates, apartment and condominium buildings.

However, we’re going to tell you a scenario. Our payroll functions were outsourced last month by a property dealer, who gave us positive feedback. With our help, they were thrilled.

Let’s discuss the scenario without any delay!


A Real-Life Case Study on Property Management Services


Client information:

Name: Mrs. Liya Khan

Address: Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Service: Property management


Case Overview:

Our client is a prosperous and well-known Bangladeshi real estate trader. In 2020, when his business was still a young startup, he outsourced property management services. Our top-notch property management services team has helped the client’s company reach new heights over the past 2 years.

The customer had a need for a skilled and dependable property management service provider who could not only relieve the stress of managing numerous properties efficiently but also do so in a cost-effective, and timely manner.


Challenges That We Faced:

The client, Mrs. Liya Khan contacted us and arranged a meeting for a detailed conversation. We accepted the project as a challenge and faced some difficulties when we started the project.

The customer required an effective middleman to handle issues relating to maintenance, housekeeping, etc. For the purpose of resolving customer complaints, it was necessary to hire an additional team that can work well with the maintenance crews, such as the electricians and plumbers.

On the other hand, the client had a need for a call center crew to answer customer calls 24/7.


Our Approach:

Our approach is to successfully meet all of the client’s expectations as well as guarantee effective. And well-maintained spaces for the tenants in the buildings.

First of all, we have a team of call center specialists dedicated to responding to tenant maintenance inquiries daily.

In order to communicate with the client’s supervisor and keep him fully informed about the property care, maintenance, etc. a project manager was hired.

Our team took over with expertise, handling the rental certificates of insurance, preparing rental contracts, and regularly filing reports for rubbish non-clearance on behalf of the client.

Although on the client’s accounting software, we made sure that payments were processed quickly and effectively.


The Outcome:

The client was really happy with all of our services, which included managing the upkeep of his properties, paying taxes and dues, and even managing the payroll for his employees.

The client managed his properties successfully and saved a lot of money in the process. To demonstrate our commitment to ongoing high-quality services, we began working 1 property for the customer in 2020 and subsequently added more properties over the next 2 years.

The client is currently one of our most enduring and significant clients.


The Last Words

We are pretty proud of the significant turnaround effort we’ve been able to complete, and we can only contribute that to the team-centered strategy we use.

Most of our competitors can’t compare to our experience in property management, and because of our streamlined workflow, we can guarantee that all of your needs will be satisfied to the highest degree. Contact us to get property management services!