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Peer-to-peer lending, sometimes referred to as P2P lending, is an alternative funding strategy that enables individuals to borrow the money from others using online lending platforms. These platforms allow borrowers looking for insecure private loans to connect with investors who are willing to lend them money in exchange for a better return on their investment. Investors can study a list of a verified borrower’s information on the P2P lenders before lending to them.

By giving small loans to numerous clients, lenders might increase the size of their investments. P2P lending, also known as crowdsourcing and social lending, is becoming more and more well-liked among Bangladeshi investors and borrowers. We can offer a peer-to-peer lending option for lenders and borrowers.

Features Of P2P Lending

1. The p2p lending system encourages investors to lend money to those who don’t have access to traditional banking institutions.

2. It offers credit to people who would otherwise be able to do so through financial institutions by doing away with the requirement. 

3. The main goal of this procedure is to benefit both investors and borrowers. While it permits low-cost borrowing for investment. 

4. Borrowers and lenders register on digital sites where the entire procedure is conducted and are then connected to one another. 

5. The Reserve of Financial Institutions regulates all peer-to-peer lending areas.

Advantages Of Analyzing P2P Lending

Advantages Of Analyzing P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is, without a doubt, more more practical, time-saving, and reliable than conventional loan transactions. A few reasonable negatives accompany the numerous benefits. The benefits are:

Inside The Real Estate Market, Who Will Gain?

Peer-to-peer financing in the real estate sector is a relatively new phenomena when compared to traditional lending channels. But, in the asset market, this procedure quickly became well-liked by both borrowers and investors.
Both consumers (in this example, entrepreneurs in need of capital for investments) and potential lenders who are eager to offer money thru a direct sales model, most frequently online, profit from this lending technique. In other words, this loan platform helps new investors, such as business owners. At the individual level, this opens a more straightforward avenue for private lending.


Peer-to-peer lending is secure in Bangladesh as long as you acquire shares through a certified P2P company like REITBD. But before joining a few of those portals as a lender, there are a lot of other things to think about.

Undoubtedly, it is taxed. No need to panic, though, as the P2P lending tax arrangements are actually pretty fair. The same rules that apply to other forms of income apply to loan interest as well.

Each of the shareholders involved in the loan receives a portion of each loan payment, which includes principle and interest. Profits may be cashed out or reinvested in new loans. Investors pay a tiny fee to P2P lending platforms in each case.

In order to determine the critical information that borrowers need, REIT gathered vital data from a variety of lenders. We used this data to evaluate the fees, visibility, repayments, and other elements of each lender in order to create objective, improved ratings that aid our readers in making the best borrowing decision possible given their specific needs.

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