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Informing Bangladeshi officials about the crucial roles that REITs & REIT investments play in the country’s future, including creating jobs, economic activity, and the lives of thousands of investors, we serve as the voice of the real estate sector in Bangladesh. We also serve as a source of knowledge for legislators in nations all over the world that have passed laws introducing REITs or are considering doing so.


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For more than 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our clients create and safeguard their wealth with commercial property investment sales. We first had one office in Bangladesh, but since then, we’ve grown to have numerous locations all over the Dhaka city. We also built the biggest, most dependable sales team in the industry to help you identify opportunities that fit your specific investment goals. Get in touch with a specialist straight away.

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There are several benefits to investing. Let’s examine whether this common investment tactic can be profitable. Below are a few benefits of investing in stocks.

Financial Gains

When an asset is sold for a profit, it's referred to as a capital gain. When someone detects a significant gain in share prices, among the long-term objectives of investing in stocks.


A dividend is a sum of money sent to shareholders just at end of each year as a fraction of the company's profit. The larger shareholding units that a person owns, the more money they receive.


Because listed shares are often liquid, they can be bought and sold quickly on an exchange site. In comparison to other investment instruments, it is quite affordable and simple to use.


REITs are frequently divided into the equity or mortgage categories. Equity REITs primarily own and manage real estate that generates income. Mortgage REITs typically issue credit indirectly through purchasing loans or mortgage-backed securities, or directly to real estate operators and owners.

A wide range of property types are owned and managed by REITs, including local shopping malls, medical institutions, apartments, single-family homes, cellphone towers, factories, office buildings, hotels, and others. The majority of REITs only focus on a single property category, such as shopping centers, forests, data centers, or self-storage facilities.Some REITs make investments all around the nation or, in some situations, the entire planet. Others focus on a certain area, perhaps even a single metropolis.

Everyone. Individuals of all ages invest in REITs both domestically and internationally. Family offices, pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance firms, and bank trust divisions are some more typical REIT purchasers.

Higher revenues, cheaper costs, and business opportunities are just a few of the factors that frequently contribute to growth in REIT earnings.

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