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Cross-Border investments

When talking about cross-border investments, it defines commercial activities that carry out beyond national border. It is also known as import export financing in business arena. Such companies also referred as cross listing companies for their abilities to access local and foreign stock exchanges.

Through cross border financing process you will be allowed to conduct trade at international level. Moreover, you will get the access of local stock market as well as stock exchange markets outside of your native country.

Cross-border funding opens up door for investors to face and deal with global business competitors. Cross border investment work along with lenders who correspond constantly in between businesses, vendors and consumers.

Why Choose Cross Border Investments?

There are only two justifications; currency and political issues that might pull back cross border investments. Advantages on the other hand are plenty. For instance:

Real Estate Investment

Opportunities of Cross Border Real Estate Investment

Cross border investment in real estate sector had a great time since last global financial recession. The scopes and investment opportunities were at its peak. Even when other businesses struggled their way out during the global crisis, cross border real estate investment had handsome returns against commercial real estate assets in the market.


Some opportunities of cross border real estate investment are:

  • Our country has immense present and future opportunity in the field of real estate cross border investments.

  • Our country’s real estate sectors can readily offer lucrative investment opportunities to investors willing to invest in cross border real estate investment business.

  • Cross border real estate has a strong business prospective and can bring up long term inward revenue.

  • Offshore real estate investment allows strong portfolio development opportunities for investors.

  • The scheme encourages you to analyze annual capital requirements for overseas real estate ventures, relevant risks and risk management procedures.

Cross Border Investment at a brief glance

As soon as the term cross border investment arises, several aspects should come to priority. Aspects such as:

  1. Investment means your business is ready to face international competitors
  2. Company that inherits this investment scheme is expanding globally
  3. Generally banks and financial equity firms are the main sources of finance
  4. Currency and politics are the two main risk pits that pose threat
  5. It often faces complexity as companies need to deal with taxations and loan

More About Of Cross-Border investments

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Deciding to invest in another country is lengthy and difficult process, full of details and the possibility of traps, which requires local know-how and expertise. If a Joint Venture partner or business partner is involved in the other country, even more caution is necessary. Consulting investors regarding their industrial investment in other countries, assisting investors in determining suitable and matching investment partners or business partners, and accompanying our clients when preparing and realising their industrial investment in another country is our passion!

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Cross-border venture capital investments play an important role in the scaling up of high growth companies, according to Strategy Professor Wendy Bradley. Foreign capital, expertise, and the networks that accompany cross-border investments are welcome by start-up ventures. However, a concern is that they transfer the majority of economic activity to the investor country. In new research, Bradley of SMU Cox and her co-authors examine cross-border venture capital (VC) investments and its implications for public policy.

“In a world with increasing nationalist rhetoric, government should find a way to be more accommodating,” Bradley states. “The movement of companies and talent is foundational to the VC industry.” Purely domestic life sciences businesses do not exist; nor is there a technology firm that’s not global. “There is a need for cross-border investments and partnerships for the advancement of science and economic growth,” says Bradley.

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Have you wanted to own an investment property or second home in Bangladesh but thought it was out of your reach? For the past several years, foreigners have been able to purchase properties in Bangladesh using a traditional mortgage! Cross Border Investment provides premium financial services in Bangladesh – including mortgage brokering and closing coordination.

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Governments appear to have become bigger players in economic affairs, and we may be entering an era in which nationalist ambitions will make globalization more difficult to manage. What is clear is the need for companies and funds pursuing cross-border investments to adapt their investment strategies and operations to function effectively at the intersection of government, business and finance.

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Non-bank financing of companies (especially SMEs): In relation to the Capital Markets Union initiative the JRC produces research on the determinants of medium and large firms’ funding choices.

JRC identifies barriers to the cross-border flows of financial investments developing and estimating measures of EU capital markets integration, the geographical diversification of cross-border investments and the extent of home bias in financial holdings.

The JRC develops analyses and research the field of risk sharing (consumption smoothing in case of economic shocks) with a focus on individual European countries.