Studio Apartment

Demands For Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment – A Buzz Around The Market

Price Appreciation

The potential for studio flats to appreciate is strong. Even the few remaining studio flats are luring investors because of the rising housing demand.

High Rentals

The rental income from a studio apartment is typically higher than that of even the-bedroom apartment when compared to the space offered in these units.

Standard Area

Living in a studio apartment may not be very comfortable for a family because it just provides a basic amount of living space in the studio apartment.

The Benefits Of Living In The Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment

1. Cheaper Price Tag

You might be able to afford city living by choosing to live in a studio apartment. It sounds like saving money on rent and travel expenses is a win-win situation.

Co-Living Space

2. Furnish and Maintain

You may invest money on a few high-quality items that will last you for many future moves rather than purchasing a lot of furniture to cover a large area.

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3. No Time For Cleaning

A studio apartment makes managing a property more enjoyable and stress-free since you can accomplish two tasks at once and clean the flat quickly.

Co-Working Space

4. Multi-Tasking 

It’s crucial to have a studio apartment that is efficient and well-organized. In today’s world, multitasking and balancing priorities are a way of life.

Service Apartment

5.Room Divider Curtains

You may choose a partition curtain that suits your studio apartment’s décor thanks to the unique options available in present days with all the facilities.

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6. Glass & Wooden Screen

Your studio apartment will have visual separation while allowing sunshine inside by adding a glass panel or wooden screen in the place of living

Studio Apartment And Rental Returns

A studio apartment is a wise choice if you’re considering rental returns, as was already indicated. This costs less to purchase than a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Renter returns are commensurate, nevertheless. In a tier-1 or tier-2 city, the rental price for a typical apartment ranges from BDT 5,500 to BDT15,000. It is significant to remember that the cost of renting a studio apartment also relies on the neighborhood and the state of the market. You may get considerably more for a studio flat within any of your neighborhood. Such modest layouts do not have a particularly strong market in smaller cities.


Availability Of Internet

For homes or flats, fiber internet is undoubtedly the greatest connection option. We provide this service as we want to give you a no obstacle service for internet. 


Centrally Located

These residences often have a central location. Due to their proximity to all the major centers, they enjoy easy access to the city’s main roadways.

How To Choose A Studio Apartment

We Try To Give You The Best Experience

All of your housekeeping duties may be effortlessly carried out in our studio apartment because everything is in one set location. Due to the minimal to nonexistent cleaning required and the organization of everything, they are also easy to keep tidy. Typically, it has less sophisticated but useful amenities than standard flats. They are generally found in centralized locations with good access to transit. Ideal for those who work from home, this lovely little house may also be used by you.

01. Gather Less Waste

There is always something intriguing going on in an open area. When you live in a studio apartment, you have little option but to be more deliberate about the items you keep around. There won't be place for things that are only there to take up space. As a consequence, you'll produce less garbage and maintain a neat environment.

02. Get Things Done Fast

You can get more done on your to-do list now that you live in a studio apartment. You may prepare lunch while chatting with friends or family members who are situated in your studio living room while you clean the apartment while watching your favorite TV show. This kind of apartment can be the ideal option for you if you wish to live alone

03. Become More Artistic

Numerous studio apartments include unique amenities that are not present in other types of flats. It is common to find this kind of apartments with attractive brick walls or exposed ceilings, both of which add to the apartment's distinctive appearance. You might be more artistic while decorating small places.

04. Not Spend Much

Studio flats not only feature reduced rent but also lower utility costs. This is because heating and cooling smaller places is less expensive, and since there will be less lighting and electrical equipment, your power bill will be at its lowest. When it comes to conserving money, having a smaller living area is a helpful bonus.


A studio apartment provides a more eco-friendly way of life, even if you’re not aiming to save money. Living in a studio apartment will use less electricity, cleaning supplies, water, and other resources in general. Remember that not all studio flats are less expensive than one-bedroom residences.

Even while it would seem hard to squeeze your entire existence into a single, confined rectangle, living in a studio apartment is actually rather simple. Here are some suggestions for maximizing your studio apartment’s one room. The fact that the bedroom and living area are merged in a studio apartment makes living there difficult.

While some guest restrictions are stringent, others are more forgiving. While some may only permit tourists to remain for two weeks, others may be far more accommodating and permit people to stay for up to four weeks.Additionally, some rules mandate that visitors register and sign in each time they remain over night. Check your lease agreement for further information about the regulations around having overnight visitors since it should contain all of this information in full. So that you don’t run the danger of breaking the lease and being evicted, you may become familiar with all the regulations in this manner.

In order to make a new location your home, you frequently need to customize it and add your own touches. However, make sure your landlord is on board with this before hanging any wall art or changing the color of the walls.These kinds of modifications may not be permitted in certain flats, and when they are, you normally have to pay a charge or paint the walls white once your lease is up and you go. Ask your landlord if there are any modifications you may make to the flat before you sign the lease.

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