A brief about Master Funding


Master fund is the central hub where fund pool of investors get collected. Here the portfolio investment and trading directories of investors are been created.

These funds are vehicled-in using a specialized investment structure called master-feeder. The accumulated funds in the master funding are used for elevating business benefits by lowering down operating expenses and further investments.

Master-Feeder Investment Structure

Using master feeder structure as individual fund vehicle, master fund carries out security correspondence and portfolio investment.

Benefits of Master Fund

By now you must be wondering why bothering to go into complications when you can directly act on the portfolio investment and start investing on real estate business. There are several exclusive benefits of implementing master funds which can make life much easier. Although there are small drawbacks; such as tax complications, notable advantages of master fund are:

Operation Cost

The cost for corporate operation and transaction are greatly reduced.

Multiple Portfolios

Assist in sorting, organizing and consolidating multiple portfolios.

Legal Flexibilities

It gives legal flexibilities when adding up master funds to the feeders.

Investor Investments

Both onshore and offshore investors can invest simultaneously.

Managing Portfolio

Reduces excess hassles of managing multiple portfolio profiles.

Reduces Costs

Reduces business initiation costs and time for master funding.

Key facts about Master Fund in REIT

Master Fund- How the whole thing Works?

It might get pretty puzzling at some point for many investors when confronting master fund and master feeders in person. To keep things tidy and more understandable for you, we have an effective support team ready to solve any of your relevant queries.