1 Bed Room

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Our 1 Bed Room suite service lets you enjoy comfort and elegance while taking in the city’s skyline and living your aspirations. Renting a co-living place is one of the best ways to cut costs while still getting the extras that make life more comfortable. For our customers, we offer dependable and powerful studio apartment 1 Bed Room suite service.

We give our customers a great deal of comfort and commitment so they won’t experience any discomfort. We provide our customers with pleasant, comfortable living quarters that feature robust security measures.

01. Pay Immediately

If your business is associated with ReitBD, we can charge the company directly for the costs related to employees staying at our flats.

02. Locations

We purposefully locate our accommodations close to ReitBD’s financial sector and IT hub to help our visitors cut down on travel time.

03. Favorable to Work

Wi-Fi, power backup, work desks, personal wardrobes, and other amenities are available in our suites and apartments to support team collaboration.

04. Reasonable Prices

To save money on unnecessary expenses, we provide self-serve amenities such a parking lot, kitchen, and washing machines.


6 Reasons to Select Our 1 Bed Room Suite Service

Nothing to Maintain

1. Nothing to Maintain

The owner of the rental property will bear full responsibility for all required repairs. It becomes affordable for a person if they don’t have to pay for the required repairs because the chores are pricey to obtain.

Obtaining Amenities

2. Obtaining Amenities

Access to the extras and services we offer in addition to the one-bedroom suite service is another cost benefit. The amenities that come with the room are available to any homeowner without any further cost.

Freedom of Choice

3. Freedom of Choice

A renter can select the residence of their choice by renting a room. Almost anywhere is available for them to pick from. Even in upscale neighborhoods, we assist our clients in finding inexpensive housing.

Regular Rent

4. Regular Rent

Until the leasing agreement expires, the clients’ rent payment is set at a certain amount. Since it is a constant expense on a monthly basis, budgeting is made easier. Renter selection for inexpensive housing is aided by this as well.


5. Utility Costs

We provide our customers Comfortable, cost effective rooms. We make sure to give them a great place to living and working. This both lowers our consumers electricity expenses and guards against overcharging. Our Utility cost is too low.


Scale Back

6. Scale Back

Our customers can reduce the size of their living quarters as needed. Particularly, we provide the clients less expensive options to fit their budgets. It is crucial that our clients, who are retirees, may take full advantage of this service.

We Ensure Exceptional Flexible 1 Room Suites!

Exclusive Suite: Stay Here And Feel At Home!

We assist our customers in locating the ideal lodging for their needs. To minimize any potential hazards associated with renting, we usually go over all the specifics of the service that will be offered to our clients. In order to relieve our clients’ concerns about any potential hidden fees or other expenses, we take into account all relevant costs.

  1. It can fit up to 15 people in a group. This item would be useful in professional presentations, interviews, and training sessions.
  2. You can book our conference room by the hour or by the day. Pay for only what you actually need!
  3. You will be impressed with the excellent caliber of our services in our recently remodeled conference spaces. You can get drinks from our personnel, including water, coffee, and tea.
  4. High-speed internet access, a whiteboard, and a big screen where you can watch a Skype video conference are some of our features.
  5. Our team will help you and take care of your needs throughout the meeting.
  6. Functions for printing, scanning, and faxing can be purchased.

01. Available Options

 Our customers can pick any available residence as their home. They can essentially reside wherever they want. We assist our customers in finding inexpensive housing.

02. Amenities

The 1 Bed Room suite service includes extra conveniences and add-on services from us. The room’s amenities are available to the homeowners at no extra charge.

03. Regular Rent

Customers rent payments will be fixed till the leasing agreement expires. Due to the fact that it is a fixed monthly expense, budgeting is made possible. Renters also have access to reasonably priced dwelling options.

04. Flexibility

Co-living Space is an excellent choice if you don’t want to sign a long-term lease or spend money on furnishings and appliances for a house you might only live in for a year. 

FAQs For 1 Bed Room Services

Even though every case is different, a lot of problems are common, and the method for solving them is good. Find the resources listed there.

Before renting a room, a foreigner must observe and take into account numerous factors. We provide the tools and services required to make any foreign visitor feel at ease while renting a room.

The accommodations we provide frequently include in-room wi-fi, a single work area, and other modern conveniences to make your stay more pleasant. There isn’t any other recreational facility available.

Foreigners and expatriates can rent serviced apartments in Bangladesh with ReitBD, many of which are close to workplaces or Bangladesh Metro stations. Perhaps you’re searching for corporate accommodation in Bangladesh or a long-term lease there.

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