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Get a Beautiful Co-working Office Workplace at a Reasonable Price

One of the things that seems to make ReitBD’s Co-working Office clients like our spaces is the combination of a well-designed work area and a well-organized work experience. Co-working helps our clients because it offers them the room and encouragement they need to be themselves. As opposed to our rivals, we provide our clients five-star business addresses, a receptionist who will take calls on their behalf, and a telephone number that is totally our responsibility—all in a chic shared space with stunning views and lots of natural light. The following items are included:

01. Internet

Access to a high-speed internet connection is unlimited. We provide excellent internet services. A dependable high-speed internet connection is availableall times.

02. 100% Security

Our main issue with security measures. Metal detectors are installed on the first floor, and fingerprint authentication is used to manage entry to the shared office area.

Enjoy Our 6 Benefits Of Co-working Office Space Services

coworking Workspace

1. Workspace

ReitBD shared workspace is a larger place that a group of people rents. These websites offer incentives, technologies, and services that are appealing to a wider audience because they support small businesses. Additionally, they cost less and are more capacious.

The Serviced office

2. The Serviced office

You can establish a business or expand an existing one in a workplace that goes above and beyond excellence. Any dynamic organization can benefit from our ReitBD flexible office options, fully-serviced executive offices, and team spaces.

Temporary Workspace

3. Temporary Workspace

An employee must go to the Temporary Workspace in order to carry out their duties, according to the description of the area. In this location, you’ll have access to a range of co-working office amenities as well as workspaces that can support the success of you and your team.

Private Office

4. Private Office

A private office space is a private room in a building with shared offices that is hired by one company. A calm, secure, and private environment is offered by private offices. Work, store your possessions, and engage with the larger professional community as necessary here.

An Office Suit

5. An Office Suit

There is a wide spectrum of knowledge available, and software and technology companies frequently hire Bangladeshi workers. In one of our office suit complexes, you may design the perfect workspace for yourself. 

Specialized Desk

6. Specialized Desk

A ReitBD dedicated desk is a desk that is given to a tenant of an office. You can use that table whatever you like; it is now solely yours. But because of that feature, it costs more than hiring a hot desk. Receive Complete Contentment From Our Co-working space Services.

Our Co-working Service Will Make You Feel Secure

Affrodable Coworking Space!

High-End Co-working Office Facilities in Bangladesh

The interior co-working office area is furnished with all the facilities needed in a professional workplace setting. To find out if it’s the right fit for you, you can even schedule a trial session. You can hold meetings anywhere you need them thanks to the availability of our meeting rooms in all major Bangladeshi cities. In our fully-serviced meeting spaces, wow clients, host unforgettable workshops, or make a persuasive pitch.

Simply dial *0 on their phones if one of our customers needs IT support, and a ReitBD IT specialist will get back to them immediately away. Simple, effective IT solutions, a capable team to delegate to, and a group of like-minded Imaginers to work with are all essential components of a successful business. In hundreds of sites across Bangladesh, our personnel welcome our clients.

ReitBD Co-working Office Spaces are incomparable. We provide Workplaces that are both social and professional Plan frequent events for personal growth and e-commerce. Our experienced team provide you excellent coworking space solution.

01. Flexibility

One of the most sought-after skills in the modern workforce is adaptability. It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of serviced co-working space to the transition to a remote, independent workforce.

02. Physical Location

Your co-working space must offer knowledge workers the physical space they require to produce their best work. Choosing a big whiteboard for the video conference room. Rooms used for video conferences.

03. Space Design

A room with a lounge sofa and coffee table is often built for an informal get-together, whereas a room with backless chairs and a high top table is typically meant for meetings.

04.  Reception

The front desk clerk is able to manage daily phone calls. I will also be in charge of organizing and dispersing the mail that you get at your business. Work in a place.


There is no need to make reservations in advance if you have a dedicated desk in Dhaka. To make sure a place is available if you prefer to hot desk, make a reservation using the ReitBD app, online, or over the phone.

Your ability to find a collaborative setting where you can succeed may be aided by a coworking membership. With access to our global network of shared workspaces, use a coworking desk wherever you are in the world. With access to business-grade internet, telephones, ergonomic furniture, and conference rooms that can be reserved inside our business centers, a coworking membership makes it simple to work from anywhere. Your coworking membership includes benefits from our partners in health and lifestyle as well as access to our business lounges, networking events, and special deals.

It’s simple to find a professional place to work for a day in Dhaka with our dynamic shared workplaces. Two coworking spaces that we have nearby can be rented by the hour or the day.

ReitBD offers serviced Co-Working Space solutions that are designed to allow you to simply show up, settle in, and get to work. Our adaptable and affordable coworking spaces may be customized to your company’s needs and include reception, security, conference rooms, cleaning, pantry restocking, and even an on-site barista. The Communities team, who are on hand at each of our sites to assist you with a variety of services to help you take your business to the next level, is the finest part.

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