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Property Rental Services

Arranging appropriate rental properties for investment often gets cumbersome for most investors in the field. This is where we come into action. Our strategy to deal with this service include:

  • Calculative approach throughout.

  • Past market record analysis.
  • Further development scopes.
  • Property amenity inspection.

  • Expert consultancy for final wrap up.

Investment in the real estate sector of Bangladesh is a multi-million-dollar industry. However, investors often face several drawbacks that discourage investments in the asset management sector. That is why we come up with:

  • Expert assistant for our valued clients.
  • Personal accommodation with premium amenities.

  • Full-time project manager for your real estate asset.

  • Financial advisory and management subordinate.

  • 24/7 support to meet investor’s business needs.

Foreign Investors

House Flipping

The service undertakes purchasing a property with no intention to live in or recite, but rather renovate, revaluate, advertise and than sell that particular property to potential clients or buyers to generate profit revenues. House flipping service comprises number of procedural steps:

  • Budget allocation of the property.

  • Market research to evaluate current market value.

  • Set any possible property renovation procurements.

  • Selection of a contractor to set property value.

  • Sell the property with profitable price.
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That’s Not All!

We try to be versatile and dynamic at every new cases. That is why we have come up with more services in our craigslist. Investor hub also encompasses following service packages:


Individual Taxation

Investment Trusts (REITs)

100% Foreign Ownership

P2P Lending

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