What is Crowd-Funding?

Crowd-Funding refers to the use of small amount of money from a large crowd of single entities to capitalize a new business. It makes the broad network of individuals easily accessible through digital media. This funding platform bring investors and entrepreneurs together also has the potential to raise entrepreneurship by spreading the pool of investors.

What Is Real Estate Crowd-Funding?

Crowdfinancing strategy  is a process of collecting capital for business and an easy way to access such procedure for investors. By utilizing digital media it reaches a crowd of potential investors. General idea of this capital accumulating process is that a lot of people wants to invest a small amount and by doing so a large amount of capital can be collected very quickly.

Key-Points Of Crowd-Funding

  • Real estate crowd-funding uses digital media, internet and various ways to link investors to real estate investments.
  • Property crowd-funding is alike to equity investment as an investor can purchase into a property and become its stockholder.
  • This funding strategy offers companies to gain capital which might not be possible to collect on their own.
  • It offer investors to become a shareholder or stockholder of a company or in a real estate property.

How Crowd-Funding Works

Before, Crowd-funding was mostly connected to equity transactions, where companies would use the process to increase finance.

Crowd-funding pulls money together so that small and middle ranged could use the capital to invest on buying or building a manufacturing plant. The process of crowd-funding offers companies to gain capital which might not be possible to collect on their own.

So, this strategy is offering the investors to become a shareholder or stockholder of a company or in a real estate property. this is how the real process of crowd-funding works.

Equity (Equity-Based) Crowd-Funding

Equity investment gives high returns if compared to debt investment. If you invest in this way, you will get returns based on the property’s rental income quite less than crowd-financing platform cost. Pay-out like this usually sent quarterly and when it’s sold the investor gets a share of the property appreciation value.

Debt (Lending-Based) Crowd-Funding

Debt investment is mostly chosen route for investors for its simplicity on investment. In this type of investment you lend capital to the owner of the property. In return, you will get a certain interest based on the owner’s mortgage loan and your invested amount. Payment for this investment is generally given quarterly or monthly. You will get your invested amount on a certain date.

Benefits For Borrowers

  • While you grow your investor network real estate field also increases the sources of funding.
  • Real estate companies are allowed to do Peer-to-peer lending in the early stages to start operations more quickly.
  • To promote your real estate business, this financing process involves direct marketing.
  • You can access valuable feedback from your online crowd-funding community for any issues.
  • User friendly investment platform helps save your time and money.
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Benefits For Investors

1. As an investor you gain entrance to low-levels of investments with some projects.
2. Can conduct short-term investments ranged between 2 month and 48 months.
3. Investment fees are less on peer to peer lending by which you will get higher return.
4. You will get the benefit of transactions transparency as you will know where your funds will be invested.
5. This strategic scheme gives you the opportunity to diversify your investment on various properties in various countries.

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Our Functionalities

Crowd-funding defines accumulation of money from a large number of investors in the community to capitalize a new investment slot in market.

  • Here we work in arranging potential investor community for you.
  • Manage and keep records of collective fund from community.
  • Provides an year-end evaluation of amount to suggest new investment plans.

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