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Defining Debt And Equity Finance


Why You Need Debt And Equity Plan?

You cannot think of real estate without proper capital flow. To keep that flow, you either have to go through a debt or equity financial plan.

Basically, there are only two sole financial processes for any company to accumulate funds for their business; debt and equity. Both have benefits and some extend of drawbacks when taken into account.

However, the core aim of these two financial schemes remains the same, and that is raising money for the corporations. However, the ways of raising capital for the company are completely different from each other, and here where the main difference between these two comes in.

Difference Between Debt and Equity Finance

Our Service

Reit.com.bd is a renowned real estate service outsourcing company in Bangladesh. Over the time, the company have gained reputation in the real estate industries and earned client’s trust for specialized services. In field of financing for companies, we bring to you services such as:

  • Appeal and arrange loan from banks and other financial bodies in demand of debt financing.
  • Announce and manage agreement documents for company equity share during an equity financing.
  • Consultations regarding the current stock market, accurate finance ratio advisory, benefits, and drawbacks of both financing policies.
  • Full time live support that keeps us with you during all possible instances of business investment.