Foreign Investors

Global trade is a modern business trend. Such mania actively triggers foreign investors in the lucrative sector of real estate. Every year thousands of expatriates and international delegates visit Bangladesh with an aim to stretch their real estate empire further.

Drawback And Limitations In Foreign Investors Industry

Foreign investment in the real estate sector is a multi-million-dollar industry. However, there are several drawbacks that pull back foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the property management sector of Bangladesh.

Once visited for business, some foreign investors often summon requisitions such as initial assistance to help get familiar with local culture and norms, accommodation and amenity arrangement, help collect local real estate industry data, tax, vat managements, and so on.

Our Services For Foreign Investors In The Market

We came a long way in the market and gathered sufficient experience and market reputations. Our premium level services for foreign investors justify our business integrity and status. Some common services we provide to our foreign clients are:

  • Skilled assistant to give a hand in your new business setup.
  • Personal accommodation with premium amenities.
  • Office setup and staffing to initiate real estate business.

  • Full-time project manager for your real estate asset.
  • Financial advisory and management subordinate.
  • 24/7 on-phone support for meeting all business needs.

Why Foreign Investors Should Choose Us?






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