Evaluating Real Estate Construction Management

Real estate construction management (RECM) is another important and useful wing service of reit.com.bd. It is an integrated part of the real estate business which involves supplying management supports during the property construction phase.

Material Management

Keeps an account of the regular purchase procurements and usage of construction materials in the project.

Labor Management

Overviewing labor attendance, performance and other human resource compliances.

Daily objectives

Maintain checklist of the daily task and ensure the list satisfies the overall objectives of the project

Coordinate & Communicate

Create liaison between governmental regulatory bodies and construction contractors.

Progress Inspection

Scheduled inspection process to keep in record the actual progress during construction phase

QC, QA and closure

Quality control and assurance of materials, and methods including determination of project closure date.

construction management

Why Us?

We are privileged to be one of the top RECM providers in Bangladesh. The credit entirely goes to our devoted clients in the market. Our specialized RECM services include:

  • Experienced manager who are years of expertise in this particular sector.
  • Deal with all the tricky parts of construction process.
  • Punctual when it comes of finishing the construction phase within the assigned deadline.
  • Dedication, reliability and trustworthiness is what are are known for in the market.
  • Ensure 24/7 client service gateway for seamless communication facilities.

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We are desperate when it comes of uplifting company goodwill. This pushes us to excel in services; especially in real estate construction management sector in Bangladesh.