Personal Tax Management

Larking with your own hard-earned money in the investment arena is not a good idea until you have cleared out your personal tax issues with authorities in Bangladesh.


Due Date Acknowledgement

A clear acknowledgement about tax return due date; which is generally 30th of every November month of the year Tax year-end date which is typically at June 30th of each year.

Personal Tax Compliances

Compliances are all the same for both local and foreign payees. However, there is a slight difference. Foreign investor need to add an extra work permit and SB & NSI clearance certificate.

Penalties and Compensations

Failing to submit the income tax on-time will result penalties. A payee have to count 10% of the last paid tax amount as compensation for delay tax return in Bangladesh.

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Tax & compliance team

”Whether you are a local investor or an expatriate, we highly suggest assist you in tax compliances. We assure you superior tax diligence throughout your professional journey in Bangladesh.”


So, why delaying when you have a chance to resolve the issue tax issues now? Give us the privilege to untangle your personal taxation mess in business.

Our Services For Tax Compliances

We have years of experiences in taxation field. Not only we deal with property tax, but takes care of client’s personal tax filing and management too. Our tax, VAT and compliance team is expert in dealing with following commercial activities: