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Investment security is the first issue that comes to mind when considering both domestic and overseas individuals investments. In Bangladesh, there are many options for where to put your money, but if you’re looking for a secure and lucrative private investment, real estate is without a doubt a wise choice.

The Scope Of Foreigners and Local Individuals Investment

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We Provide High Demanded Local and Forgion Individuals Investment Solutions Worldwide

Foreign Investments: Direct and indirect foreign investments fall into many categories. Foreign direct investments (FDIs) are the actual investments and purchases made by a firm in another nation, usually through the opening of facilities and the acquisition of local factories, buildings, machines, and other equipment.

Local Investments: Investing locally is considerably different from general investment. A method of investing in today’s globalized world involves using high-speed computerized trading platforms to purchase shares and government and multinational business debt. Investors are cut off from understanding what their money is actually doing by a large network of funds, brokers, advisors, and investment managers.

We Provide High Demanded Local and Forgion Individuals Investment Solutions

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The REITs must, however, have the bulk of its assets and income related to real estate and must annually distribute at least 90% of its total income to investors and unit holders in order to be eligible for this tax-free status.


Less liquid than REITs are physical properties. Shares of publicly traded REITs are easily convertible to cash since they are traded on the stock market.


The current rents paid by tenants who live in the REIT properties are used to fund REIT's regular dividend distributions. Get in touch with us.


Investing in real estate directly is more expensive than doing it through REITs. There is only a small down payment required.

FAQs For Individuals Investment!

You can use investing to help you reach financial objectives like paying your retirement or purchasing a home. You are putting your money to work to achieve these goals through investing.

ReitBD Access Investing is a digital investment platform that aids in the identification and pursuit of your financial objectives, whether they involve saving for a large purchase, accumulating money for retirement, or both.

Your financial situation, as well as your timetable and ambitions, all play a role. However, a good general rule of thumb is to invest as much as you can easily afford after allocating money for an emergency fund, paying off high-interest debt, covering daily costs, and putting money aside for any short-term goals. By consistently investing, you may eventually be able to generate higher profits due to compounding.

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