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REITs provide a variety of dynamic and collaborative investments options, including private and commercial investment and business consulting, financial management, legal assistance, rental properties, multi family housing building, tax and accounting packages, and financial management. We have adequate investment opportunities for you if you want to put money into them.

We are covering the following areas in Bangladesh:

  1. Banani
  2. Gulshan
  3. Basundhara
  4. Dhanmondi
  5. Mohammadpur
  6. Uttara


When investments are made in a pool of properties, the size of this standalone risk is reduced. This supports the widely held business principle of investing in a variety of assets.


The investor in REITs benefits from being a part of a pool of capital by owning stakes in far larger prospects than he would be able to do with his own money alone.

Flexibility & Transparency

The entire procedure of buying and selling a REIT is simple and adaptable. Investors in REITs can quickly acquire data on REIT pricing and participate in trading throughout the day.

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With the intention of promoting a contemporary way of life for urban dwellers, our company has been successful in delivering furnished apartments in Dhaka, Bangladesh with excellent amenities and beautiful architecture. Over the past ten years, we have gained our clients’ trust by remaining devoted to offering them first-rate flats. We provide a variety of investments opportunities for you to choose from.

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3 years
Finance management
5 years
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12 years

100% Secure

A REIT transaction is entirely secure from start to finish. Investors in REITs have simple access to data about REIT pricing and can participate in trading at any time of the day.

High Yield

During times of active economic growth, REIT stocks have increased. The primary attraction for REIT has been the capital that can compound in the form of dividends under framework.

Professional Management

We are controlled by knowledgeable, experienced professional investors. Individual investors simply would not be able to pay this professional management's high cost cash flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make equity investments in large-scale, income-producing real estate accessible to regular investors, Congress established REITs in 1960. Like shareholders who own shares of other companies, REIT investors partake proportionately in the economic benefits that come from the creation of income through real estate ownership.

Filings from listed REITs are sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They trade shares of their stock on regional stock exchanges.Private REITs are exempt from SEC registration. The company’s shares does not trade on local stock exchanges.

One of two categories—equity or mortgage—is frequently used to classify REITs. Real estate that generates revenue is mostly owned and managed by equity REITs. The majority of the time, mortgage REITs either provide direct loans to real estate owners and operators or indirectly extend credit by buying loans or securities backed by mortgages.

You should earn a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics if you want to work in the financial industry. Courses for these majors may overlap quite a bit. Courses in corporate finance, accounting, banking, management finance, branding, and business ethics are all prerequisites for finance majors.

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