Furnished Serviced Apartment

Ease Your Task Of Setting Up A House: Furnished Serviced Apartment

By renting a fully furnished apartment, you save money, time, and effort. Additionally, it helps to lessen some of the difficulties associated with moving. You won’t need to worry buying new beds, appliances, or furnishings for your flat. and pay exorbitant moving costs, as well as perform any difficult labor or drawn-out construction. Despite the fact that every furnished apartment is completely equipped, there are several, even a few, items you might want to bring with you to make the space seem more like a home. Over 1,000 renters have been welcomed over night. In the meanwhile, I discovered a lot about what individuals are bringing or buying to support our “Rents” houses. Please have a look at our packing and purchasing advice. 

Furnished Serviced Apartment

Advantages Of Furnished Serviced Apartment

In place of hotels, serviced apartments are gradually taking over as the preferred lodging option. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, by yourself, in a group, or with family, serviced apartments may provide several advantages, including:

1. Space

When staying in a serviced apartment, visitors have more space than they would in an equivalent-standard hotel, which provides them more room to work, prepare meals, unwind, and sleep. The average one-bedroom serviced apartment is almost twice as big as an ordinary hotel room.

2. Affordability, Value, and Savings on Longer Stays

The cost of a serviced apartment is generally 20% cheaper than a comparable hotel room, and longer stays may result in further savings because the VAT is reduced after 28 nights. A serviced apartment is a better choice than private leasing because it covers utilities, council tax, and more. 

3. Flexibility

The freedom to come and go allows visitors to lead as regular a life as possible in their home away from home. Friends may work, cook whenever they want, entertain guests, or have business meetings all in the privacy and security of their own front door thanks to the apartment’s fully furnished amenities.

4. Privacy

Serviced flats often provide more privacy, allowing visitors to eschew hotel formality. Weekly apartment cleanings allow for the maintenance of the flat while preserving the privacy of the visitors. Business travelers and Corporate Bookers can arrange a set fee to match their budgetary needs and privacy.

Points To Remember For Finding The Best Furnished Apartments

Numerous residences are looking for tips to make the procedure simpler. Let’s say you want to know where to look to get a fully furnished apartment. However, there aren’t as many choices for completely furnished and ready-to-move-in residences. We are a little more advanced. Not having to worry about the cost of equipment or relocating trucks is a huge relief. However, you still need to write out a list of the things you’re looking for.

By avoiding the need to purchase expensive items, renting a furnished home in Dhaka may save you time and money. A few personal items that it carries with it might make your stay more enjoyable. Despite the fact that these are the items that our homeowners add to their homes the most frequently, what you bring is wonderfully unique. Prices for serviced apartments are generally 20% cheaper than those for comparable hotels.

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Our Services For Your Property

In Dhaka, we provide furnished apartment rentals for both short- and long-term stays. We provide fully equipped apartments. This offer is open to specialists in the medical field, the entertainment business, and corporate workers. While receiving medical treatment, accommodations are needed. Families that require short-term housing while remodeling their current houses or buying new ones can also take advantage of our service.

Total Furnished

The furnished apartments we provide will be designed with all the necessary furniture to make your easy and no hassle.

We Help You To Move

We will help you to move with all your necessary stuffs on when shifting is done to our company furnished apartment.


A completely furnished apartment is enticing to a buyer since it shows that the seller has updated or fixed every fixture.

FAQ A team that can change your bussiness!

Depending on the building and location, the check-in and check-out processes of our featured apartments vary. Buildings may feature receptions that are accessible up to 24 hours a day or provide self-check-in for visitors. Another alternative is that a visitor may be instructed to attend a “Meet and Greet,” during which they are given the keys to their lodging and any other items considered essential. At the time of booking, a member of our staff will validate all the essential information, and complete check-in instructions and an information package for the apartment will be delivered to the visitors. Reminders to the visitors to bring identification and a copy of their reservation confirmation may be included in the instructions.

An included housekeeping service is available in all of our highlighted serviced apartments as part of the price of your stay. Daily to fortnightly housekeeping services are available, although normally cleaning and maintenance are done in our units once a week. Customers should be informed that there are different housekeeping requirements across the world, and the fee may vary based on where you visit. If you have any questions concerning cleaning, make sure to contact a member of the Situ team.

Our highlighted apartments’ security policies vary, and requirements may change based on where you go. A few security features that may apply to your apartment are in-room safes, key-code apartment entry, and round-the-clock doormen. Before making a reservation, it is always a good idea to check the accommodations’ security policies and amenities on our website or by getting in touch with a member of our staff. All of these amenities and services are included in the total rental price for the majority of the serviced apartments we provide. 

A typical service apartment will offer a variety of amenities and services to its guests. among the amenities and services are;
A fully furnished kitchen with a microwave, oven, refrigerator, and other cooking supplies.
– Internet and Wi-Fi access
– TV
– Washing machines (Washing machine and Dryer)
– Towels and linens
– Cleaning Service (Ranging from daily to fortnightly)-
-Parking options

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