Completion & Handover

A sense of achievement and satisfaction comes by naturally when you finally realize that your property going through the property completion and handover  phase. However, at the brim of final Completion & handover process arises number of complexities that almost every investor or real estate owner eventually have to face.

The term completion and handover in real estate refers to the final signing off and transfer process of the real estate asset from developer brokerage to investor or buyer level. This as well can be the final transfer process from first party owner to the second party.

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Our contributions in property completion and handover process

Keeping the goodwill of the company, we try to assure a standard at every phase of our real estate management process. Therefore, our contribution remains active even after the final completion and handover of the project we are working on.

How you can be benefitted ?

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Professional inspections to mark out defects
Legal supports at compliance to handle all odds
Additional advisory services for any investment plan
Aftercare services even way after final handover

Other Benefits in real estate completion and handover service:

  • Professional brokerage services for buy sell property
  • Effective tax management and scheduled submissions
  • Loan arrangement assistance for real estate investors
  • Facilitate tenant agreements and legal papwerwork managements
  • Creates liaison between owners and government utility companies

Standard procedures of  property completion and handover service


Final inspection and verification in property completion and handover process

Final inspection and verification


Evaluating property completion, valuation and legal compliance

Evaluating valuation and legal compliance


Final agreement-property completion and handover phase

Agreement transfer and final payment