Facility Management Service

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Facility Service- Our Scopes

For facility management service, we typically work on two distinct platforms:

Active services for clients:

Provide on demand day to day facilities to foreign and local delegates.

Owner’s representative:

Provide property and tenant management services on behalf of the owner.

Client’s Demands

This is because not all companies are capable meet client’s demands on time.

Active Facility Management Services

Delegates, especially foreign individual, often look for a number of services such as tenant arrangement, personal transport facility, house maintenance, security and compliance assistance etc. These are important for seekers and this is where our facility management service comes into action.

Facility Management Services as Representative

Our business is way more versatile than just providing active facility to our clients. We extend to give solutions to our clients even when they are not present physically in their property. We take care of tenant management, property maintenance and security activities. We even handle ongoing legal processes of a property and more even when the owner is not present on the spot.

“Reit.com.bd is one of the premium facility management providers in Bangladesh that readily provides top-notched facility services to our valued clients in real estate sectors.”


Why client choose us?

No doubt the real estate market in Bangladesh is competitive. However, when it comes of real estate facility management, the selection point is pretty narrow here. This is because not all companies are capable meet client’s demands on time.

Fortunately, our company is well resourced in this case. Our years of corporation activities in the field give us sufficient access to resources all over Bangladesh. So, whether you look for accommodations in capital city or need a full time on-demand personal assistant, all it needs is a single phone call.