Commercial & Residential Property Investments

Market renowned commercial, residential and industrial property advisory service at your service. We are offering investment sales, financing, research and advisory services in real estate sector.

We Makes Real Estate Investment Easy For You

Get an in-depth insight on every possible aspect of real estate investment from us. But that’s not all! We are readily available to bring you the best possible services and assistances in property investment block.

Our Specialties  In Industry.

All about funding in financial assets; preferably on real estate, with long term profit returns in mind.

Also referred as cross listing companies for their abilities to access local and foreign stock exchange markets.

Prioritize profits offered by the overseas nations. Here expatriates pay less tax in foreign investments.

The market is full of competition and we know how important your business is for you in the industry. That is why we have more effective modules in coverage.
Benefits_offshore_property comes with a resourceful archive of knowledge and skills that bring in light every possible aspects of real estate business.

An ingenious path to vehicle your fund for investment

Master Funding

Master fund is the central hub where funds of investors get collected and the portfolio investment and trading directories of investors are been created. A vehicular structure called master-feeder. It pumps in funds are there after used for elevating business benefits by lowering down the trade and operating expenses.

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Source of Investment in Real Estate sector

Private Lenders

Once private lenders put their money on selected real estate projects, the prospective sector expected to generate profits over time. From that profit increments, private lender get their eventual returns as a part of profit shares.

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Mortgage REIT, popularly known as mREITs

Mortgage REIT

It is a type of real estate investment trusts scheme in real estate industry which put their money on mortgage sector. Bank sells these mortgage agreements to mREITs. It covers security for both commercial and residential properties and assures outcome of revenues over the time.

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Benefits of Our Service

  • Skilled professional in the field.
  • Reliable investment assistance.
  • Updated market surveys for client benefit.
  • Sourcing, listing and analyzing properties.
  • Latest investment schemes and technologies.
  • Creates liaison between clients and related authorities.

Whether indirect property management or managing portfolio investment, our company brings to you world-class services in Bangladesh.

Investing in the real estate industry was never been so convenient and reliable for our clients until we stepped into the property industry of the country.