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Offshore Property Investment

A broad range of property investment schemes outside of an investor’s native nation. It emphasizes on the profits offered by the overseas nations. Through in this investment plan expatriates pay less tax in foreign countries during trade.

Benefits for Offshore Property Investment

  • Tax holiday
  • Tax benefits
  • Offshore asset protection
  • Investment diversification
  • Opportunity to expand the field
  • Regular and profitable cash flow
  • Hybrid income and capital growth
  • Several incentives to non-residential investors
  • Foreign employee worker gets huge tax rebates
  • Industries in the Export Processing Zones ( EPZs)
  • Foreign equity participation follows explicit benefits
  • Flexibility in local and foreign money exchange process
  • Legal protection against unwelcoming factors in business

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Major Takeaways

  • Offshore property investors are as countable as other wealthy investors.
  • Advantages like tax benefits, asset protection, security, and a broad range of investments.

Service We Provide

  • Expert services specially focused on assistance.
  • Providing expert consultation and assistance in offshore property investment(OPI).
  • Analyzing and evaluating investment plans on behalf of our clients.
  • Finding a profitable property with no legal boundaries to help you invest your capital.
  • 24/7 customer support to handle all your queries and confusions once under our client list.

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Regulations for Offshore Property Investment

  • Private market real estate has high purchase costs and sale costs including all kinds of commissions.
  • Regional differences have to be considered for offshore real estate investment.
  • Foreign investment rules and regulations have to be kept in consideration for offshore property investment.

Attributes Of Offshore Property Investment

  • Fixed maturity, allowing the investor to own the property.
  • Executing a business plan.
  • Dispose of the property whenever it is appropriate.
  • Investing in real estate allows you to see your investment.
  • Unlike stocks or bonds, If it needs to be fixed you can fix it.
  • Requires attention, assisting complaints, maintenance & renovations.

More About Of Offshore Property

Offshore holding and property owning companies2020-12-31T06:22:35+00:00

An offshore company is a very flexible corporate entity. As such it can be integrated into a wide variety of business arrangements. Reduced tax and increased confidentiality are just two of the main benefits which can be achieved by a proper application of the offshore company. However, it would be erroneous to believe that an offshore company incorporated in a no-tax jurisdiction “flies above” all the complicated tax regulations in force in the high-tax jurisdictions. Contrary to a popular belief, having an offshore company in itself does not relieve its owner from all personal tax liabilities in his home country. A clever use of an offshore company, however, can reduce, defer or completely eliminate some tax that would otherwise be payable by his business. The ability to accumulate revenues in a tax-free and hassle-free environment of an offshore jurisdiction are especially helpful to start-up businesses, allowing them to grow faster be more competitive.

How to transfer ownership to a Offshore Property Investment?2021-01-02T05:34:59+00:00

I’m often asked can I transfer ownership of my home or investment property/s to my tax free Offshore Company (“IBC”)?

It can be done legally but you need to assume the worst case scenario (ie that that the local tax authorities or a litigation lawyer will investigate and possibly try and overturn the sale or transfer) and plan accordingly.

The key is commercial reality. The sale or transfer must be, and appear to be, “above board”.

Buying Offshore Property – what you need to know?2021-01-02T05:35:23+00:00

Investing in property in another country can be an appealing prospect, especially for Bangladesh. There’s the potential for a rental income in a foreign currency, which appears to offer stability and security in today’s topsy-turvy market; plus, having the option of another place to live may give you comfort.

Are you ready to invest in Offshore Property?2021-01-02T05:35:44+00:00

Determine your objectives and the best strategy to meet them. Are you looking for a property you’d eventually like to retire to, a property you’d like to visit regularly, or is it purely an investment? It’s important to consider your budget, risk profile, timelines, family goals, tax strategy, comfort levels and investment preferences. Once you have set these, they’ll help you form your own personal checklist when looking for the right investment.

Offshore Property offers a world of opportunities2021-01-02T05:35:59+00:00

Investors have increasingly looking for offshore property investment scopes for stable investment growth and inflation-free returns. This also ensure property investments delivering strong performances at the end of each budget year in any particular nation where the investment took place.