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Affordable Project Management Service In Bangladesh

In order to meet their needs and provide the best project management and execution of their infrastructures, we work with our clients to establish their priorities, comprehend their risks, and put control and administration procedures & systems in place.

Based on the best practices established by the major certified organizations like the Management Institute, our diverse team of professionals enables us to handle Management of extremely complex and demanding projects.

We understand how critical it is to equip our clients with the most cutting-edge innovations and tools available so they can make quick, proactive decisions that account for any issues that may develop over the life of their infrastructure.

Who Makes Use Of Project Management Best?

Even those who aren’t formally referred to as “project managers” handle projects. Ever planned a gathering? You led a team of individuals in managing that project, and project management is a valuable life skill for everyone. More officially, initiatives appear throughout all sectors of industry and commerce:

Project Management Methods We Provide

Waterfall Project Management

Waterfall Project Management

Similar to standard management, but with the restriction that each task must be finished before the following one begins. Progress is linear and flowing in one direction, much like a waterfall.
Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management

One of the first industries to employ this concept was the computer software sector. Agile management is a iterative process with its foundation in the 12 basic principles.

Lean Project Management

The whole point of this practice is to prevent wastage of time and resources. This methodology's guiding ideas were taken from Japanese manufacturing procedures.
The Purpose Of Project Management

The Purpose Of Project Management

The goal of project management is to create a final product that will bring about some change for the organization that initiated the project. To produce this final output, a number of tasks must be started, planned, and controlled. Formal management is necessary for projects that:

1. Create anything fresh or modified, material or immaterial;

2. Have a predetermined beginning and end

3. Possess a high probability of complexity in the job or groups concerned

4. Mandate change management

5. Demand the control of risks

Why You Choose Our Services?

1. Saving both money and time: It saves you money and time which is the initial and most obvious advantage.

2. Professional manner: With their extensive knowledge, our project managers can keep the project on schedule.

3. Risk Management: Project managers assist in minimizing risks potential negative effects on the project.

4. Client assistance: Our project managers keep clients informed and provide support throughout the process.

5. Efficiency: To achieve as much as you can in the shortest amount of time possible is the aim of project management.

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You ask, we answer

We have compiled a sizable list of commonly asked questions (FAQs) from new project managers and have included them all in this manual.

Given how quickly things may change in the management industry, change management is crucial. Project managers must therefore have the flexibility to adjust as necessary.

Monitoring and controlling project costs while preparing for any financial hazards is the duty of cost control. Usually, the project manager is in charge of this. Budget management, risk planning, and preparation are all part of cost control.

Earned value is the term for the value that is assigned to work and can be expressed in terms of hours or money (or your local currency). On the other hand, earned value engineering (EVM) is a tool used to assess and forecast project performance by contrasting anticipated and actual earned value.

The process of analyzing your project’s financial performance is called cost variance. Cost variance compares the amount that was allocated for the project in your budget with what was actually spent.

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