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Real estate investment trusts, or REITs are becoming more and more popular among investors looking to diversify their holdings beyond publicly traded stocks and mutual funds. Companies known as REITs own properties that generate income and returns from investing, such as residences, warehouses, self-storage units, shopping centers, and hotels.

In order for ordinary investors to buy equity stakes in substantial real estate enterprises, just like they could own shares in other businesses, Congress established real estate investment trusts around 1960. With the help of this action, investors could now easily build and trade a diverse real estate portfolio and get returns from investing as well. The IRS has established requirements for REITs, including that they:

Instant Liquidity

Since REIT shares are traded openly, they provide immediate liquidity. Think about selling a house quickly!


That's comparable to purchasing a home for a few hundred rupees. One stock of a REIT can be purchased.


REITs are closely regulated by the authority due to the fact that they are publicly traded property.

Tax Advantages

REITs are required by law to pay shareholders dividends and interest on 90% of their profits.

Types Of REITs Investment We Offer For Returns From Investing

Equity REITs

Equity REITs

Equity REITs act as landlords and take care of all the management responsibilities that come with property ownership.
Mortgage REITs

Mortgage REITs

Mortgage REITs, commonly referred to as mREITs, differ from equity REITs in that they don't own the fundamental property.
Hybrid REITs

Hybrid REITs

Equity & mortgage REITs are also included in hybrid REITs. These companies also own and manage real estate assets.
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Benefits Of REITs Service To Get Higher Returns From Investing

Since a REIT distributes the majority of the current earnings, any change in the income is instantly represented in the unit cost. Management faces a difficulty because of the market’s quick response to variations in reported earnings for returns from investing. Four areas of management attention that directly affect the volatility of profitability are typically increased:

1. Considering investments
2. Cash administration
3. Accounting information
4. Corporate management

What Steps Are Involved In Creating A REIT In Bangladesh?

Sponsors are recommended to speak with their counsel as soon as feasible before moving forward with a REIT deal because the REIT creation procedure is intricate. The following is a list of the steps necessary to establish a REIT:

1. Select the architecture
2. Select the trustee, manager, and advisors.
3. Bear accounting, tax, and legal ramifications in mind
4. Create the legal paperwork
5. Submit an application for a REIT
6. Official authority approval
7. And lastly the REIT’s listing

The exact amount of time needed to establish up a REIT mostly relies on the nature of the organization and how quickly the authority can receive requests and comments. 

returns from REIT Investment

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  1. Public traded REITs
  2. Public non-traded REITs
  3. Private REITs

Due to their investments in commercial properties like offices & shopping centers that generate consistent rental revenue, REITs are a reliable source of revenue with low risk. Here are a few benefits of buying REITs. Between 12 and 20 percent are earned annually overall from investing in REITs, which includes dividends and capital gains. Dividend returns average 7% to 8% yearly.

The cost totally depends on the categories of the REITs service.

A non-traded REIT may require an initial investment of $25,000 or more & may only be available to accredited investors. Additionally, non-traded REITs could charge more in costs than publicly traded REITs.

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