When it comes of providing services to our clients, we try to give them our best to satisfy their real estate business needs

  • Complete brokerage solutions

Real Estate Brokerage Services

Professional brokerage in this field creates bridge between buyers and sellers when it comes of property selling, transfer and final handover.

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  • Get advices on debt

Debt Management

Don’t just borrow more money over time as an interest stockpile. It’s very important to get proper advices on debt management from professional’s like REIT.COM.BD

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  • Minimizing legal obligations

Complex Litigation

Complex litigation process comprises a wide range of legal procedures that involves legal entities, notices and procedures to deal with any property disputes.

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  • Property tax compliances

Property tax

A tax compliance regulated by the National Board of Revenue. It is paid by the property owner, who could be an individual or group of owners, such as a person or a corporation.

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Our Additional Services

Amid vast range of real estate services our company provides, we have chipped-in three additional facilities that you might find useful.

Agent Services

Building bridge between buyers and sellers in this service aims to do.

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Legal Services

Compliance under law and regulations that involve property business.

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It analyzes value rate of a commercial as well as residential property.

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